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Hive Generation API

The HiveMC Generation API is a Image Generation Service which fetches Player Statistics from the Hive API and display them in Images and/or Graphs. This project is currently being maintained by NTM Development.

  • Fast, Cached Responses
  • Supports both Monthly and All Time Statistics
  • Supports the Hive Bedrock Edition Server.
  • Customisation (Such as Backgrounds, Graph Type etc.)

Getting Started

This API is only using the GET method for endpoints. Responses will return in a Image Buffer and you can refer to the documentation here.

Example: Discord.js (^12.5.1) and Superagent (^5.2.2)

    const { MessageEmbed } = require("discord.js");
    const { get } = require("superagent");
    exports.run = async (bot, message, args) => {
        const { body } = await get(`https://hivegen.ntmnathan.com/api/stats/bedrock/monthly/dr`)
        .query({ player: `Bricen120`, bg: "game" })
        const embed = new MessageEmbed()
            .attachFiles({ attachment: body, name: "hivesig.png" })


API Wrappers

Unfortunately, there are no wrappers for Hive Gen yet. If you have created a Hive Gen Wrapper and would like to have your NPM module listed here. Please message NTM Nathan#0001 on Discord.

Bugs, Feedback and Support

If you have encountered a bug, or like to give feedback, or support. Please join the NTM Discord Server. Please remember that this project is not an official HiveMC Project. So anything regarding this API must go to NTM Development.


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